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Thursday, August 9, 2012

HelloAndAnnyeonghaseyo !

Guys , Recently I have just post someting about Luhan Ge fell at the airport :/
Well , If that accident really made your heart boil .
Try read about this WILD RUMOUR . Not confirm though , but I think it's true .

:Chanyeol was seen with a huge bruise on his arm and Luhan sprained his wrist (I think) and Tao accompanied Luhan to the hospital .

Sob Sob :'(

And ! I have some extra regarding about SASAENG FANS .

Here , read this .


It's about JYJ private life . Also there's some extra about DBSK .
See ? How the ' So - called - fans ' stalking and intruding our Idol life .
*sigh* Again , This IS how idol live everyday .
Being stalked . Not having any private time . Even they can't visit their parents BECAUSE of the SASAENG FANS .
OhMyGashh . Why do they have to do this ?

More Vid about the thing that those ' fans ' did to our IDOL .

Find out more if you want . =P I'm too lazy to paste all the link .
And ! One more thing ! There this rumor saying that DBSK will reunite as one . By saying ONE , I mean all 5 of them .
Here , the link of the rumor :

That's all for now . Sasaeng fans . You better watch .

Let's end this post with this Funny Macro and Kai Cute Heart . :3

Kyeopta ~ Annyeong ! 

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