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Thursday, August 9, 2012

HelloAndAnnyeonghaseyo !

DBSK 2 members . JYJ 3 members . Those two words suppose to be ONLY DBSK as a 5 members . So , many KPOP fans now a day did'nt know the history about this Legend .
So , here I'm reciting it .

:DBSK / TVXQ stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki used in Hanguk . THSK stands for Tohoshinki used in Japan . The meaning of the name is ' The Rising Gods Of The East ' .
:Debuted in 2003 as 5 members consisting Leader U-know Yunho , Maknae Max Changmin , Hero Jaejoong , Micky Yoochun and Xiah Junsu .
:In July 2009 , The three members which is Hero , Micky and Xiah filed a lawsuit  against their Korean agency company SMEntertainment due to the 'slave contract' .
:After hiatus about 2 years , TVXQ made a comeback with only two members which is the Leader and the Maknae .
: While TVXQ left with two members , the other three has create a new UNIT not a GROUP .
: What's worse is that , SME banded them to cannot have any kind of connection . Then , again , SME also banded them from appearing at any Korean channel until now although the banded thingy should end right now and they can appear in Korean Channel . I guess that , SME overusing his power .

Earlier , they perform as 5 . Then , they perform as Two and Three members seperatedly .

A concert that they perform as 5 members :

But then , things get worse as The Cassie (DBSK Fans) decide to split in half in order to support both of the group and unit . It means Fanwar gonna start .
: Before the three boys filed a lawsuit to their K - Company , the fans which is Cassiopeia earned a Guinness World Record in 2008 . It's say to be one of the largest fanclub in the world . With a count of 1.5 millions fans in Asia and 5.5 millions in worldwide :

In my opinion , I think that the fanbase should NOT split in half . I think that the boys also don't want  the fanbase to split . The fans are the strength for them for all this year back then when TVXQ perform as 5 members . If you see the translation lyrics of W , you'll understand what I'm talking about right now .

I just found out that back then when DBSK is still 5 members in the group , they have made a live tour at Malaysia . If only I knew that they were coming to my country that time :/ That's the only chance to see them performed as 5 . Not TWO or not THREE but FIVE .

: I wish that I could turn back time . See the members as 5 . I wish that someday , somehow , they will reunite and continued their activity as 5 members in 1 group . <--- This is my wish and many other wishes from the Cassie wished the same thing as me . If only I knew , what I know today .

Lastly , let's end this post with their picture :)

-Memory of them togather-

- The Cassies always have a thought saying that the boys miss each other which I think it is true-

-DBSK as Two-

                                                    -DBSK as 5-

-Thought of the Leader-



-Three and Two-

-Five of them-

-Sea of wishes from Cassiopeia-

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