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Friday, August 10, 2012

HelloAndAnnyeonghaseyo !

As all KPOP fans know , there will be a drama called 'To The Beautiful You' which is the korean version for 'Hana Kimi' - japan version .
It was suppose to be aired on 8th of August .
But , it was delayed until the next news about the dramas date .
It was delayed due to give a path for people like us KPOP fans watch Olympic 2012 .
The main actor in this drama is Choi Minho -SHINEE- .
While the main actress in this drama is Choi Sulli -f(x)- .
But , the other idol mainly from SME will appeared in this drama .
I can't wait to watch this because , EXO gonna appear in it ! Kyaaaaaa ~
*Fangirl - ing*

Here , this is the poster :

-Do you see any of the EXO member ? Cause I DO ! :3-

Okayy . That's all for today KPOP - ers .
>.< I can't wait for the drama since EXO was in it .

Annyeong ~

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