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Happy TripleTwelve Birthday !
Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Today, on the date 12.12.12 is the day where my bias Seungri of BIGBANG celebrated his birthday !

Happy tripletwelve Birthday Seungri or playboy seungri !

I hope that he and the rest member of BIGBANG will have a good amount of time to rest since they've been traveling around the world for their concert tour. Yup. /nods head. They also came to my country which is Malaysia. They said that Malaysian VIP gave them a very deep impressions cause Malaysian VIP still went to their concert which is outdoor even though at that time, it was raining like cats and dogs.

Yeahh, thank you for giving us such a good memories too BIGBANG! -and I'm sorry for not updating this blog =='' I'm too lazy and there's no topic that I want to shared with you guys. So yup. I'm sorry for not updating, moreover, I'm busy updating my fanfiction. Wanna read it? Here.

Cousins Love Story.

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Ouhh, yesterday. Yesterday are a very loooonggggg day for me and Malaysian Kpoppers. Why ? Cause we're having a heavy mental breakdown since yesterday. SJ-M, EXO-M and BTOB came to our country [Malaysia] for the Asia Super Showcase. Ohmy. Even if they are near to me, I can't even go to the concert. Moreover, yesterday. They were shopping at some of Malaysia's famous shopping centre ! -and it is reeaaaaaallyyyy near too me . T^T EXO-M went to One Utama, SJ-M went to Pavillion while BTOB went to the KLCC. BTOB even snapped pictures together ! GUYSSS ! For god sake. They are so close yet so far. If only I went to OU yesterday, I'll probably have a chance to met them but nooooo. I'm having a heavy mental breakdown right now T^T 

Only three group came to our country and all the Kpoppers already like 'HOMYGASHHOMYGASH ! LUHAN WENT IN LADIES BATHROOM!' . It's only three freaking hot boy groups and we already having a mental breakdown. What will happen if the artist of GDA came to Malaysia ? I think, I'll die /for a while. -and the next thing I knew, I will having a serious illness because of the mental breakdown issues. Ohmy. I know that you guys [idols] love Malaysia /erk ==''. but WHY ?! Why out of all country! Why Malaysia ?! Why the GDA event will be held in Malaysia ?! OH WHYYYYY ?! I want to go but the ticket was OMG. I'm speechless. I think that the most cheapest is RM600 and above and the expensive one cost RM999. OMG. I'd rather kidnap my biases then buying the tickets. 

[BTOB infront of Twin Towers and some of the buildings]

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