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ALL ABOUT TVXQ . PART 1 . Cassie and TVXQ! .
Thursday, December 6, 2012

HelloAndAnnyeonghaseyo !

/Massive Wave. Holaaa~ Fangirl here /wink. Okay, so, today I wanna post about TVXQ! the Legend of KPOP /squeal. Who's excited? Put your hands up! /Up. Aww. Me only? Okay fine /le ran into the corner and sulk. Okay. Forgive me about that ne? LOL. Let's start.

First, let's explore the fandom.

Cassiopeia is the official fan club of the Korean singing group, TVXQ! [동방신기] and was named by one of the member, Shim Changmin. It was named after Cassiopeia, the constellation containing 5 stars which refers to the five member. The official fan club in Japan is BigEast. Cassiopeia is given the honor of being the biggest and the largest fan club in South Korea with over 800,000 supporters, over 920,000 being the fan club's maximum capacity in the number of fans in 2009. Members go to their concerts, give the band members birthday gifts and cheer them with red balloons, or the group's official light stick, which signifies their passion for the group. The fan club was formed on April 23, 2006, a few years after the group's debut. With their enormous fan base, Cassiopeia has created a fandom revolving around TVXQ!. Cassiopeia was listed in the 2008 ‘Guinness Book of Records’ because the number of fans of this fanclub added over the total number of 800,000+ fans. Cassiopeia's made a club name, titled VIEW (Volunteer In Everlasting Wcassiopeia), and went to help poor people and give out charities in the name of TVXQ!. They've also volunteered to help hospitalized people and support students who dream to become famous stars one day like TVXQ!. Some international fans of TVXQ! who do not belong to the official fan club have also taken to calling themselves Cassiopeia, although they are neither official nor registered members, which adds much more people to their fanbase.

Those are some information I got from Wikipedia. Also, Cassiopeia are the one and only fandom who has Wikipedia page.

Now, should I introduce our 5 stars?

The legendary Korean band that has touched the heart of so many people of all ages worldwide. They have gain global recognition for their contributions to the Korean music wave, and have received numerous amount of awards that mantain their status as as one of the highest ranked bands in the Korean entertainment scene.

However, what make TVXQ! so special exactly?

What does TVXQ! mean?

As a proud Cassiopeia, my goal is not to convert fans of other groups into Cassies, but merely to share my knowledge about TVXQ! and hopefully share the magic that they have ignited in my heart with other wandering souls. 
So, let's begin our journey shall we?
Back when TVXQ! weren't recognized as talented celebrities.
Back then when they were mere average teenagers filled with passion , and pursuing their dreams, never dreaming that they will become stars.

As seasoned Cassies know, TVXQ! actually are not the original name for the band. In fact, they had numerous other names that was being debated and it took a long time before the company to finally settle on one name that would resonate within so many Cassie's Heart.

Despite their legendary birth , TVXQ! had numerous name that had been nearly decided on. One of which was "Oh Jang Yook Bu," which when translated into English means "The Five Viscera and the six entrails." (It referred to the gall blader, stomach, small and large intestines, the paunch, the bladder and the bowels.)

Another name that had been nearly chosen was "Dong Bang Bul Pae", which meant "The Invincibles of the East". However, it was rejected because the Hanja characters (Chinese characters) looked visually unappealing and thus it was disqualified.

A few others name including "Jeonseouleul Meokgo Saneun Gorae", (A whale that eats legends) and SM-5. (Which was a name they had been dubbed as trainees.

Finally, an acquaintance of Lee Soo Man had suggested "Dong Bang Shin Ki", and thus TVXQ! was born.

The difference between DBSK and TVXQ! ?  The answer is : No, they are no difference.

TVXQ! is the chinese abbreviation for the band and stands for Tong Vfang Xen Qi [東方神起] This name is often used internationally, [as shown in the Korean song "Crazy Love" when Yunho introduced the band as TVXQ!] and many fans tend to use TVXQ! as opposed to DBSK.

DBSK is the korean abbreviation for the band and stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki. [동방신기] This name is used mostly in Korea, and by the Korean Cassiopeia fanbase. Other name that TVXQ! known for including Tohoshinki, which is the Japanese version of their name.

TVXQ! literally means "Rising God of The East."

Yunho once mentioned that they were embarassed to used their name since it sounded childish , but they regretted of being ashamed later on, and they truly lived up to their name in the end.

Now, if you don't know. TVXQ! consist of beautiful members.

영웅 재종 YoungWoong JaeJoong  
유노 윤호 U-know Yunho  
미키 유 천 Micky Yoochun 
시아준수 Xiah Junsu
최 강 창 민 Choikang Changmin

But, who are they? Well, the introduction of Cassie and TVXQ! are already this long. So, I'll continue later. By the way, all of this are typed by my own hand since the place where I took the information can't copy and paste =='' Credit goes to the rightful owner. I hope you'll wait for part 2!

credits: 20 steps.

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