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Zheng ni shen ri kuai le. Is it correct ?
Tuesday, November 6, 2012

HelloandAnnyeonghaseyo ! *bow bow*

To my fellow exotics.
Do you know what date is today?
Lemme tell you.
Today is 6th of November.
What's wrong with the date?
You ask yourself.
If you are real EXO fans.
You should know this.
Still don't know?
Let me tell you again for the second time this day.
Still confuse ?
Check it yourself.
Check our duizhang profile.

So, do you know that EXO-M and SM staff has organize a birthday party for Kris?
Damn you.
So yeah.
They organize a small party for EXO-M and some lucky fans to attend it.
OMO, such a lucky fans T^T 
Lucky for them cause they lives in Korea.
This is the compilation of Duizhang's Birthday Party.

[FAN ACCOUNT] 121106 KRIS' Birthday Party @ SM

*The rest of the 5 members appeared first, then the fans kept shouting for Kris He slowly came out hugging/holding his alpaca.
(credits: Klukris)

*Kris greeted the fans in English and said to the audience, 'Say my name!' 

*They played 야자타임game(maknae to be hyung),then Chen said to xiumin that you should use toilet asap,then luhan can't go to your bed then luhan said "no way hyung!) *they actually played the game where the oldest gets to be the youngest then the youngest gets to be the oldest*

*(About Kris eating eel) Kris said eel is good for man and that (he eats it) IT'S BECAUSE FOR ALL OF YOU. 
(credits: so_yeol)

*Kris brought his Alpaca toy to the birthday party and said that it was his son, named "Ace" He said that it was also Ace's bday. Either Chen or Xiumin said that yes,despite not knowing when Ace was born,it indeed was his birthday
(credits: 生菜蝈蝈, dc trans:sadsuho)

*Tao said Luhan is a "crazy frog" and Luhan told him "Go away!" 
(credits: -oh-luhans-)

*Tao thanked Lay, because Lay carried him to the hospital one time when his stomach hurt a lot.Tao didn't know how to say "carried" in Korean, so he accidentally said "tied him up" 
(credits: 海天月夜, dc trans:sadsuho)

* Tao and Chen said that it's really difficult for them every morning because Xiumin takes too much time in the toilet 
(credits: 紫瀚繁星吧EXO-Chinaline)

*Mostly it was Yixing that was carrying Ace (alpaca toy). In the middle of the party, Kris imitated Ace speaking and said "Lay saranghaeyo". 

*Xiumin joked that from this day forward, he would be the leader (credits: 青都没了只剩春 trans:sadsuho)

*Luhan did bbuing bbuing silently. 
(credits: 生菜蝈蝈)

*Kris said he wanted to use Ace as his stage name. 
(credits: 小智MAX)

*There was his 'masterpiece' printed on the birthday cake. Other members asked him, why is Kris' Koala so different with the others He replied, "This has been family's inheritance, We don't know how to draw" 
(credits: kriScorpio吴亦凡个站)

*Yixing asked Luhan how to say 'God' in Korean, Luhan asked Kris, Kris asked Xiumin. (LOL.. cute)
(credits: so_yeol) 

*Chen said he gave Kris underwear, and everyone told Kris to show it! Then Luhan started yelling "no!" and later he said he picked out the underwear and Chen bought it. 
(credits: Trust Luhan, oh-luhans)

*It was Luhan and lay who held on to Ace during the birthday party. Everything Kris wore today were presents given to him by the members. 2 necklaces were given by Luhan and Tao. Tao said that the necklace are very expensive. Chen gave him underwear as present. 

*When asked about the most treasure item, Kris said it was the fans’ letters and as compared to presents, he appreciates letters more.This time during his birthday fans compiled letters into a book so he really likes it. Lay added that when letters are read, they stay in his mind while when he sees presents, he gets reminded of the person who gave it to him 
(credits:klukris via:heecups)

*Chen said to Luhan "can i sit on your bed?" and luhan said "no you cant" 

*Kris felt apologetic because he can't show to the fans the underwear that Chen gave to him as a birthday present >.<

Alpaca ? What alpaca ?
You don't know?
The kind-of-famous-alpaca ?
Pity you.
The alpaca is a present for Kris from a fan.

Even though it's just an alpaca.

LOOK! Even Lay touch it.

I hate yet I love the cute-squishy-looking-alpaca T^T
This is the cruel reality guys.

Ouh. And this is some vid created by some EXO fanpage.
I will only give you the link.


Till then. Annyeong !

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