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Chanyeol Virus Day. and the most happy news I've ever heard.
Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Today, on 28th of November is the day where our Happy Virus Chanyeol celebrate his birthday! /sobs. Omo, our Chanyeol already grown up now /grumping like a grandparents. EXO-K already celebrate his birthday yesterday since for Korean people, yesterday is 28th. So, yeah. They celebrate on 28th in Korea but 27th in Malaysia.

This is EXO's Chanyeol message that he posted on the fanboard.

[FROM EXO-K] 121127 - Chanyeol: “Hello! It’s EXO-K’s happy virus Chanyeol!”

Hello everyone~!
Today there was my birthday party, the birthday party was really a lot of fun!!
A lot of you came even though it was an impossible time but..
I t
hink it was a party where a lot of things happened!
We danced..we sang.. I almost had a heart attack because of a electric shock..
It’s really difficult to see these kind of things..ㅋㅋㅋ
But since everyone cheered for me a lot, it wasn’t embarrassing at all and it was fun!

I think today’s birthday party was the best among all the parties I had until now!
It’s the first party I had with everyone after debuting,
And it was really the first time I spent my birthday with so many people so I was very happy!ㅋㅋㅋ

It’s sad that a lot of people couldn’t be with us today but
There isn’t only my birthday where you can be with us!
And I enjoy the most meeting everyone on stage so
I hope we will be able to meet often!

Thanks a lot for being with me today!
I really thank you for doing your best supporting us!

Everyone is always doing their best cheering for us and loving us no matter what happens,
I know it better than everyone so from now on, just like now,
And even more than now, keep on loving us, be with us for a thousand years, ten thousand years! Got it!

I really thank again everyone who wished me a happy birthday!!
So until now it was EXO-K’s Chanyeol!! I love you~!

Source: exo-k’s official website | Translation cr; emilie @ exok-trans

And this is Chanyeol Birthday Party Event compilation.

-D.O and Chanyeol had a cooking match, they cooked seafood pot. The ingredients were bought by Jongin’s mum.
-Baek’s comment to yeol’s seafood pot is 지저분 ( messy) and Baek’s comment for D.O’s seafood pot is 깔끔( neat ). Ofc D.O’s better.
-But in the end Chanyeol won. D.O. was really upset and said that Chanyeol was the new culinary king.. He said that the condiments Chanyeol made was especially delicious, the type which can make the wok produce fire
-D.O didn’t seem to look very happy today.He said, he was useless but the fans shouted that he was the umma of the group 
-Baekhyun and Sehun were the mcs for today, but Sehun didn’t speak much so he got ignored by the rest of them.
-The hyungs were bullying Sehun saying that his mcing skills were horrible.
-Sehun’s hair was gelled up today. When the members started going wild, spraying stuff around, his hair got messed up. He was so upset and he started complaining that it wasn’t easy to style his hair.
-MC Sehun was in a daze andwasn’t familiar with what was happening and he was blanking out most the time. After cutting the cake, Baekhyun told Sehun to mc. He told them that games were next but Chanyeol was supposed to give a speech. Sehun didn’t know when to start the events and he got mixed up. Chanyeol stood up while pointing at him and told him to get out. Sehun was making sobbing noises and begging for forgiveness.
-Sehun hardly said anything besides “I want to be the mc” and “i’m so tired” today
-Some fans saw Chanyeol grabbed a mobile from Baek & then Baekhyun grabbed it back and hit Chanyeol’s head 2 times 
-They played the lie detector game again
-Suho was wearing a minnie hairband and Jongin was wearing a mickey hairband 
-Fan asked Chanyeol if he wanted to be a part of EXO if he could be born again. He answered yes and he didn’t get punished
-Sehun wanted to play too, but he didn’t get punished as well. All the members got suspicious whether the machine was working or not.
-Jongin answered something irrelevant to the question but he didn’t get punished either.
-D.O changed the topic, suddenly he asked Baekhyun:”Baekhyun is a girl?”then Baekhyun shouted “I’m a girl!!” but there wasn’t any punishment.
-Chanyeol replied to Baekhyun “But we are roomates…” 
-Chanyeol was afraid of being shocked by the lie detector
-During the lie detector game, the members let Kai test “I am the fairest!” Kai said “Don’t tease me with my skin colour..” Baekhyun said “Having tan skin isn’t a bad thing, if I want to make myself tan, I still have to go to the tanning salon..”
-Members asked Chanyeol if he felt that he was the most handsome in the music industry. He said yes and he got punished. Chanyeol ran to the corner to hide after getting a shock.
-Chanyeol said, Kai’s matured dancing skills makes him sexy Baekhyun added, he thinks Kai looks like a 84-liner 
-Chanyeol said that there’s his birthday every year but the rookie award only takes place this year…
-Chanyeol’s eyes were very dry so they went to see a doctor. The doctor said that Chanyeol’s eyes were too big. His eyelids can’t reach over his eyeballs so when he’s tired, he actually sleep with his eyes slightly opened. Baekhyun said that when he wakes up to go to the toilet and he sees Chanyeol with his eyes opened, he’ll use his hand to help Chanyeol close his eyes completely
-Chanyeol’s eyes are huge that’s why sometimes he sleeps with them half open. Baekhyun teased the fans by telling them “oh you guys don’t have to sleep with your eyes open right?” The fan glared at him. Then he bowed his head then muttered “ah… yes.. me…” 
-Because “Happy birthday” was written on the balloon, Baekhyun said that if he took that balloon home, people would definitely wish him happy birthday. Then he turned and said happy birthday to himself ~
-A few cakes arrived. Baekhyun examined one very carefully, and said “This one is a rock!!” and went to cut up another cake
-Suho said that when he was watching One Piece (anime), he actually wanted to try becoming a pirate.
-One of the questions Chanyeol had to answer from the small piece of paper. “What is your most precious item?” “Everyone”
-Baekhyun said that when he entered the company, Chanyeol was the first approach him. After their eyes met for 10 seconds, both had the feeling “Yes, it’s him”. They hit off really well.The members told Baekyeol to get married and Baekhyun said “Mom, i’m gonna get married now.”
-Chanyeol chose Kai as the dongsaeng that acts like a hyung. Sehun raised his hand and Baekhyun eyed him and told him to put it down.
-Chanyeol said that Kai’s matured dancing skills makes him sexy. Baekhyun added that he thinks Kai looks like a 84-liner. 
-“Who’s the member who is young but is like a hyung?”. The fans shouted “Jongin! Jongin!” and then Jongin replied “I’m Kai” 
-Jongin said that only Suho was a hyung who felt like a child 
-Chanyeol says that Suho’s like a little boy whenever he reads manga like 더파이팅( the fighting- some boxing manga). He would punch around and challenge the members.
-Chanyeol went wild today, spraying the members with those white snowflake looking things.
-Baekhyun kept stuttering the whole time. He said that it was his first time being an MC &he was nervous.
-Baekhyun said that he’s very lively & talkative but when he just entered SM, he was very low-key
-D.O said that Baekhyun looks like a female comedian (Lee Sung Mi) with the harry potter glasses. Chanyeol also said that a lot of people believed that Baekhyun really was this comedian’s son. Chanyeol continued that he saw someone posting on the internet that Lee Sung Mi’s son debuted from SM. ( points to baek)
-Chanyeol added that he didn’t even get to see his parents on his birthday last year due to practice.
-Chanyeol confessed that he thought the wouldn’t be celebrating his birthday this year either.
-Chanyeol almost cried because he said people might forget his birthday
-Chanyeol came out, clapped his hands together and bowed to the fans outside, then started moving the presents received from its fansite.
-While they were blowing out candles, Kai was spraying madly and most of it got onto the cake. Then it couldn’t be eaten. Kai actually looked sad that they couldn’t eat. But Chanyeol was like “it’s okay” and he ate it and Kai was all O___O 
-While Suho was telling Chanyeol his wishes for him, Kai was at the side spraying him with the snow thingy. He sprayed until Chanyeol’s hair and face were full of the white thingy. Chanyeol wanted revenge so he ganged up with Kai to spray Sehun. It seemed like they accidentally sprayed into Sehun’s eyes because he got annoyed and asked for tissue paper
-Because Baekhyun played with the snow spray, the cake given by DC became inedible; he acted innocent and asked for the culprit. The question somehow got linked to the pros and cons of being tall so baekhyun pretended that he’s really tall.
-Chanyeol said that him and the other members had good body proportion and he also said that when he was in school, because he was too tall, he often hit his head against the bus ceiling. Kyungsoo then said that so being tall isn’t exactly advantageous and Chanyeol agreed.  
-Then Chanyeol said that as he was too tall he often bent his legs when he danced and now his thighs are firm and thick, they were originally very slim. Baekhyun was beside Chanyeol and he also agreed that Chanyeol’s thighs have became firmer. 
 -“When are you guys coming back?” “We’re in the middle of preparing!” 
Credit to all fans account.

A lot of BaekYeol moment going on =D

-and this. Is the most happiest biggest news for a cassie that I've ever heard.

The legal battle between JYJ and SM Entertainment has finally come to an end!
After what seems like forever, the two sides are reported to have come to a mutual agreement on the 28th.
It is said that SM Entertainment and JYJ have both withdrawn all lawsuits against one another, and have agreed to not interfere with any of each other’s activities.
The long drawn out fight was started back in July 31st, 2009 when the initial lawsuit was filed against SM Entertainment by the three members of JYJ, who were part of TVXQ, requesting for the cancellation of their contracts. Since then, the two sides failed to reach an agreement every time and was due back in court again later this year.
It seems the legal battle is now over, and both sides, especially JYJ, can work towards moving forward free of the legal issues that had been holding them back.
credit to AllKpop.
This mean that JYJ CAN APPEARED ON TV SHOW! OHEMMGEE! Guys, /sigh.
Like seriously, this lawsuit started in July 2009. Both side keep avoiding to meet with each other and finally. After  a 2 and a half month maybe (?), they finally came into an agreement. This also mean that JYJ are no longer under SME! They can appeared in variety shows, music programmes, concerts and etc.
But, I wonder, can they meet TVXQ after this? Since the news only said that the lawsuit has comes to an end. No extra information about that. Are they gonna reunite as one back? /sigh. I hope so. But, thanks to god for making one of my biggest dream came true. I knew this from my sister and we're jumping like crazy after we read this news =D
Aigoo, hope that they will appeared on my tv soon! -and pease don't say that this is all a rumour AllKpop. I'll kill you.
Ppyong! /jump like a crazy fangirl.

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