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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

HelloAndAnnyeong !

Heh , DBSK ! I want them to reunite !
There's a wild rumour saying that DBSK will reunite as one in the mean time .
When I heard that rumour , I was jumping , squealing and clapping like a retarded seal -..-
Yeahh , that's the nature of a fangirl -..-
Don't mock me by saying i'm a fanatic fan . But , hey ! Look at your own self :P Mehrong ~

Yesterday I was surfing the internet , then , I saw this vid about DBSK .
Once I click their vid . I'll keep searching a vid that have them in it .
See that ! Just one click and BAMMM ! The fantastic moment began ! Muahahahha XD

And then , I tried to search about DBSK appearing on any of the variety show .
So , here's some of the reality show that have DBSK in it .
Here :

DBSK on Happy Togather . I was Rolling Like A Buffalo *see what I did there ? Wiggle eyebrows* on my bed XD It was too funny ! XD Especially when they was in the karaoke segment !

-part 1-

-part 2 -

-part 3-

-part 4-

-part 5-

-part 6-

-part 7-

< Memories of them as one group at Happy Togather>

Ouhh , And here is some link of other TVXQ reality show called All About TVXQ :

 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lDvWoC6Ptvk
 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d-yZRDqyRVU&feature=relmfu

Fuhh , having a hard time copy past-ing the link . All 15 part with eng sub in total :D

Ohh ! And here , watch the vid ! This is the EXO boys * Or should I say Kids ? * going crazy at the S.M Art Exhibition .

Enjoying by themselves even though many of the fans watching -..-

So , That's it guys ! I just want DBSK back !

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