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Annyeong ! Introduction of Asianfanfics .
Sunday, August 5, 2012

HelloAndAnnyeong !

Yipppiee ! At last ! I'm done editting my blog ! :D :D *Throw confetti*
Hoho , even though it does not seem pretty . Blehh . Do I care ? :P

Okayy . So , If you're a REAL , TRUE KPOP fans . You guys should know this website called Asianfanfics.com .
OhMaGashh ! The story in there was to Daebak ! JJang !
I think the story line are better then those stupid drama on TV .
Ouhh , Sorry guys . Before that , lemme introduce you to my little 'Fella' .

So , those are the website that I tell you guys . Ignore that Ugly , Plastic looking barbie-doll =)
This website is mainly focus on the story that written by the KPOP fans all over the world .
I've read quite many of them . All of them was absolutely AMAZING !
My favourite story are : My Crazy Hot Aliens .
                                 My Crazy Hot Aliens : The Invasion .
The author for these two story is dbskgirl4ever .
She's an author that people admired . Her story was absolutely FANTASTIC ! Fantastic Baby ~ :D
If you guys have an account on asianfanfics . Do add me : TogatherAsOne =)

That's all for this post guys !
Annyeong !

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