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Wednesday, December 26, 2012


To all iCassies, Cassiopeia and BigEast who are still supporting them until now, I just want to say Congratulations!

Guys, today, on 26th December of 2012 marking TVXQ 9 Anniversary of debut! 
Guys! Do you know how happy am I ?! Even though I just know them for 1 years but I believe that they will perform as 5 again.

Do you remember their first stage? Their first debut stage? I do. Even though I've never watched their debut stage live since I'm only 5 years old back then but I still watch it on Youtube. I still remember that they perform their debut song Hug at BoA concert. I'm not sure if it a concert or not but I do remember the fact that they perform on the night of Christmas.

[NOTICE] There'll be the 2nd round of trending project on 26th at 11KST. The # will be announced 1hr before the trending. :)

-and also, last night, hashtag #StandbyTVXQ9anni are trending worldwide! It's trending in my country also! After about an hour, the hashtag still trending longer than we expected /sobs sobs. Look, how great Cassiopeians power is :'D I'm proud to be in this fandom. Very proud of it. Tonight, there will be a hashtag created for TVXQ 9 anniversary too. So, keep alert.

Even though, TVXQ are having a big amount of fan who leaves the fandom since the lawsuit but, the others remaining are still supporting them! It doesn't matter if you're a JYJ's fans or HoMin's fans cause for me, everybody who likes them are Cassiopeia. No matter how you deny it, you must accept the fact that many OT5 shippers still thinks that JYJ are part of TVXQ. That means, JYJ are TVXQ and you are a Cassiopeia.

Yeah, I'm an OT5 shippers. For me, TVXQ are true unlike the others. I'm not saying that other group are not true (?) I do support other group too! Don't forget that I'm an Exotics. But, like I said for me, they are the best among the best.

Every night I wish that if only I could turn back time. I want to see them performing as 5 again. I want to see Soulfighter moments. I wanna see MinSu couple teasing and playing with each other. I want to see more Yunjae moments. I wanna see more Yoosu moments. I want to see more Soulmate moments. I want to see more DB5K moments.

I believe that one fine day, we, Cassies will be able to laugh with you again. I believe that you guys will perform on the same stage, at the same time, with the same members. Don't you guys remember the first moment where you guys met each other? Don't you guys remember the first moment you guys practice together? Don't you guys remember the first moment you guys singing on the stage during the night of Christmas? Don't you guys remember the first moment you guys filming a music video? Don't you guys remember the first moment you guys won your first award? Don't you guys remember the first time you held your first tour? Don't you guys remember the first time you cried because of winning an award? Don't you guys remember the friendship that you guys built for years? Don't you guys remember the moments you start to call each other hyung, eomma, appa?

And most importantly,

Don't you guys remember each other?

I know that you guys always smile in front of us. But, who knows that it's just a fake smile. Who knows the truth behind your lawsuit case? Who knows the truth about why HoMin decide to stay? Who knows the truth on why JYJ left the company? Who knows that all? Tell me who? It's you. It's you guys who know the truth. Only you guys know the truth. 

On top of that, I wanna say thank you very much to you guys.
Thank you for still using the name TVXQ. Thank you for producing such a great song. Thank you for using your beautiful voices for us. Thank you for all your hard work. Thank you for still standing strong. Thank you for keeping those smiles on your face no matter what situation you're in. Thank you for giving us hope that TVXQ will be on top again with 5 members reunite. Thank you for not letting us down. Thank you for not ignoring us. Thank you for thanking us. Thank you for your truthfulness. Thank you for still shining like a star in the same sky. Thank you for letting us dreaming on the same dream. Thank you every single things you done for us even behind our back. Thank you for scolding us because you're worried about our safety. 

Jung Yunho, thank you for being a great leader.

Kim Jaejoong, thank you for being a great eomma to your members and for taking care of them.

Park Yoochun, thank you for making us smile with your own smile.

Kim Junsu, thank you for being our angel with your infamous angel pose.

Shim Changmin, thank you for being a snarky maknae but always cared for his hyung.

TVXQ, thank you for your love.

DBSK, thank you for the great memories you gave us.

Tohoshinki, thank you for always being the brightest star in the sky.

JYJ, thank you for still searching the W.

HoMin, thank you for still living up the name TVXQ.

We Cassiopeia will always stand by you no matter in what situation. We will always support you until our last breath. Someday, we know that we will able to know the truth.

Therefore, I really really hope that my wishes will come true.

TVXQ are forever number one in my heart. They're the king of KPOP. They're the legend of KPOP. They're the one who bringing me falling deeper in to the world of KPOP. They're the one who save KPOP. They should be appreciated, not bashed. Cause they're the greatest and still the King of Asia.

It's been nine freaking years now but you guys still shining. No matter 5 years, 10 years and so on, I will Always Keep the Faith.

 || 74 MVs, 105 Awards, 8 Tours, 118 Concerts, 2 World Record, 15 Albums, Millions of fans, 5 Members, and 1 Family.

To exotics, don't worry cause I'll also celebrate this date. 26th of December is where EXO's first teaser came out. Kai's been introduced in this teaser with the song 'My Lady'. -and then, the never ending teaser came out the day after, after, after, after and afterrr. At last, they debuted on 8th of April 2012 T^T After days of waiting, they finally debuted and look at them now. They even got many award plus they also are a fanboy of TVXQ xD They performed Mirotic at 2012 MAMA Awards even though there's no TVXQ there T^T Look !

We are T! T stands for Tohoshinki I think.

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