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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Hi guys, sorry for not updating >.< *scratch head awkwardly*
I have a load of work to be done >.<
And I'm busying my self lately with writing story, school works and making poster !
Yes ! I've finally able to do a fanfic poster ! >.<
Want to see it ? Well, okay. Here :

--> This is for my sister's story.

--> This is for my beloved AFF unnie story.

That's all. I tried to improve my art skills >.<

Yeahh. Ouhh, and I've been writing a new story lately.

Mind check it out ? Thanks in advance >.< ILYSM.

Ouhh, and have you guys watch the newest EXO-K variety show in China ? I can't remember the title but I can give you guys the video !

-This is part one. Part two is still not aired yet. Do watch it because they are so adorable and funny. SM. Please give the boys variety show! Or else I will kill YOU ! Muahahahah!-

Ouhh, and have you guys heard about EXO being a nominees for MAMA award?
They have been nominated in the category 'Rookie Award'.
WAHHHH ! DAEBAKK ! You don't believe me ? Fine! *pouting*
Other idols that been nominated for the Rookie Award is 

But, it's just a rumour and it's not confirmed yet. So be patience exotics.
If it's true. I would be very confuse wether to vote for BAP EXO or BTOB -.-''
Aigoo ~ *sigh*
All we have to do is just wait.

Next news is.


: Super Junior-M will be back in Malaysia once again for their first Asia showcase, "2012 Asia Super Showcase".

Super Junior-M had their debut in 2008 and their current members consist of eight members namely Siwon, Donghae, Ryeowook, Sungmin, Kyuhyun, Eunhyuk, Zhou Mi and Henry. Not only will this be Super Junior-M's first Asia Super Showcase, exclusively for Malaysia, but they will be taking to the stage as a complete here on our shores.

Malaysia ELF a.k.a EverLasting Friends (as the Super Junior Official Fans are collectively know as) have long been awaiting the return of Super Junior-M to Malaysia after the group had their first live appearance 2011 at the Malaysian National Youth Day. On that day, an audience estimated at more than 30,000 showed up to celebrate the occasion with the group.

Jointly organized by Marctensia Concerts and Universal Music Malaysia, Artist Produced by S.M. Entertainment and Cube Entertainment, Promoted by K Entertainment, MyFM and EraFM as Official Radio Station, KWC as Official Venue, TicketCharge as Official Ticketing Agent and Singesen as Technical Support, “2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia” will features two of the most promising upcoming boy band as the super guest artistes.

The first super guest artistes will be a newly produced and highly anticipated boy band by S.M. Entertainment, EXO-M. EXO-M is a subgroup of Chinese-South Korean boy band, EXO. EXO-M consists of six members namely Kris, Xiumin, Lu Han, Lay, Chen and Tao. EXO-M promotes their music in the Chinese market. Their debut single “Mama” has just been released for about half a year and the boys has already won the “Most Popular Group of the Year” in a recent award show in China. 

The second super guest artistes will be a seven-member boy band BtoB (Born to Beat). Formed by Eun Kwang, Min Hyuk, Chang Sub, Hyun Sik, Peniel, Il Hoon and Sung Jae, the group is produced by Cube Entertainment’s sub-label Cube DC. BtoB makes a strong impression with two lead tracks, the dance number Insane and the ballad Imagine.

Ticket sales will begin on mid-October 2012. Ticketing details for the "2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia" will be released soon. For latest update on "2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia", please stay tuned to Marctensia Concerts' Facebook.(http://www.facebook....ctensiaConcerts) / Universal Music Malaysia Chinese(http://www.facebook....se/160137919794) and Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/marctensia) / (www.twitter.com/UmusicMalaysia).

Source/Credits: Marctensia's Facebook  :

I grinning like a fool when I first read the line-up guest.
I burst out rolling like a buffalo when I saw one of the guest is EXO-M!
Gashhhh ! I am so freaking happy !
I will be more happy if I get to go to the showcase :'(
It's on 11th December so I think I can ask my parents to buy the tickets for me since my bithday is on 20th December. It could be my early birthday presents right ? Ouhh. How I wish I can go there >.<

But, the ticket is too...

"2012 Asia Super Showcase in Malaysia" Seating Plan

Ticket Launch: 14th of October 2012
Venue: Kenanga Wholesale City, Level LG, Centre Court 
Time: from 12.00 noon until 6.00pm. 

Thereafter, tickets will be available nationwide via TicketCharge outlets, hotline and website from 15th of October 2012 onwards.

Ticket price:
Upper Zone - RM183 (free standing) + showcase poster + 1 showcase merchandise
Pit Zone - RM283 (free standing) + showcase poster + 1 showcase merchandise
Super Zone - RM383 (free standing) + showcase poster + 1 showcase merchandise
VIP - RM600 (numbered seating) + showcase poster + 3 showcase merchandise

-The seating arrangement-

I want the Super Zone one :((

This news is about JYJ . Mainly about Xiah Junsu.

On October 8, singers gathered together at the Goyang Sports Complex to celebrate the opening of the 32nd National Para Games. 

However, things started to turn ugly as ZE:A was announced as the final performance of the night, when there was still one more person waiting to walk on the stage. 


According to fans who were present, Kim Junsu was promoted as a guest singer for the event, but the broadcast station present started packing its cameras following ZE:A’s performance and before Kim Junsu′s. Kim Junsu went on and performed even after the cameras stopped rolling. 

Fans also pointed out that the main event posters were also switched out a one point, with Kim Junsu no longer seen in the picture. 

Some fans, who actually found the program schedule, also commented that Kim Junsu′s performance was scheduled for after the broadcast, although this has not been verified by the event producers. 

On the night of October 8, JYJ’s Kim Junsu tweeted, “Although I wasn’t able to make it on the broadcast, because it was a place where I could meet with all of you, it was a very enjoyable and meaningful experience. I hope that everyone will remember that happy feeling and get home safely. ^^ I love you.” 

He later added, “I don’t know since when, but I’ve become so earnest in meeting with you all. The broadcast doesn’t matter to me. I love all of you who were there with me today.”


Bruce ‘Automatic’ Vanderveer, who recently produced Kim Junsu’s album, also tweeted, “Around the world today your fans banned [sic] together and showed love for you. Because you showed them how much you love them.”

He continued, “Being censored in your own country is awful, yet you went on and performed. You’re an incredible artist! And I admire you!”

Fans have been suppressing their anger after Kim Junsu’s message and have been sending him encouragements instead. 

Photo Credit: Kim Junsu and Bruce Vanderveer’s Twitters, The 32nd National Para Games Website
Source/Credit: enewsworld
[TRANS] The Injustice that Happened to Junsu today :(

I'm gathering this information off of what people are saying in Yuaerubi.

Basically, Junsu had his first official gig as a solo artiste at the 32nd Sports Day for the Handicapped today. They printed his name 시아준수 on the tickets and promoted that he would be performing there.

SBS was covering all the performances and right before ZE:A came on
, they introduced the group as the last act and when they were done, they took down all the cameras and packed them away.

After that, Kim Chang Ryeol, one of the MCs for the night, came back on and introduced Junsu as the actual last act of the night. By then, the cameras had already stopped rolling and SBS was done airing the event.

Junsu apparently came on stage with a big smile and said he was so grateful to have been invited to such a wonderful event. He said it was his first official gig as a solo artiste and he was so happy to be there. He performed with a big smile on his face and was very energetic.

Fans said that most of the fans there were sobbing because they thought it totally unfair that Junsu had basically been used to bring more people to the event, and then denied the airtime he deserves.

My heart aches for him. It really does. JYJ are human beings too. They have emotions, they hurt, they cry. SBS, KBS, MBC... stop. Haven't you done enough damage to their poor, wounded souls? And our hearts too? We're not indestructible.

[credit: @dongbangdata || dongbangdata.net]

What a heartless person. Junsu is a humans. Humans have feelings. Please. USE YOUR BRAIN WISELY! One day. We. Cassiopeia will take a revenge on you. Let's see who is more powerful.

Okayy. I'm done.
That's was a whole information I get after a long time not updating >.<
Yeahh. So Annyeong !

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